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Lg-toothed Zipper Necklace w Peacock Feather (Z37)

Lg-toothed Zipper Necklace w Peacock Feather (Z37)

This zipper necklace starts with a high quality custom made, functioning zipper that is transformed into a necklace. Rust-proof, soft on the skin and made to last, it zips up to be a choker, down for a classic length or it can sit somewhere in between! An iridescent peacock feather is encapsulated in a hand made one of a kind blown glass charm.
  • Details

    Rich turquoise fabric with milk chocolate brown plated aluminum teeth. The teeth are made of rust proof, hypo-allergenic, nickel-free aluminum and the tape is 100% polyester. The glass charm is hand blown with borosilicate glass, the most durable glass on the market.
    -Zipper runs 21.5 inches around the neck.
    -Charm is approx 2 1/2"long x 1" wide.
    -Lg zipper teeth: 4mm

    Use a damp soapy cloth to clean fabric. Clean glass with a soft cloth and eye glass cleaner.
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