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Glass Capsule with a Black and White Dotted Feather

Glass Capsule with a Black and White Dotted Feather


A one-of-a-kind flame worked borosilicate glass capsule charm containing a cruelty-free black and white polka dotted guinea fowl feather inside. Borosilicate (Pyrex) can withstand clumsiness and everyday use.


You can choose a large capsule or a small capsule (the large ones are a great add-on to the Long Zipper Necklace and the smalls are perfect for a small chain or the Short Zipper Necklaces). 


This charm also comes with either a clip ring or a jump ring. If you are purchasing an extra charm to go with a zipper necklace, choosing the clip ring will allow you to easily interchange one charm for another. If you are buying the charm to be put on a chain a jump ring is more suitable. 


You also have the choice of buying this charm on an 18 inch sterling silver or stainless steel snake chain. 


Please note since each charm is handmade there may be a slight difference from what you get and the photo, but it will be as close to how you see it here as humanly possible!

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