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Diamond Ripples embroidered Mercurial cuff

Diamond Ripples embroidered Mercurial cuff

Diamond Ripples embroidered Mercurial cuff.
This is a machine embroidered cuff on metallic grey vegan leather. With super strong base metal snap clasp, they are meant to be worn low on your wrist (with the triangular point laying down onto the top part of your hand) and not pop off without you realizing it. Easy to put on and take off with one hand.
Comes in 3 sizes.If buying as a gift, MOST women wear size medium. If buying for yourself, tightly measure the widest part of your wrist then add 1 inch to find which cuff size is the closest match to dimensions/sizes listed below.
Measurements below are length of bracelet when clasp is closed.
Small - 6 1/2 inches
Medium - 7 1/4 inches
Large - 7 3/4 inches
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